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Giugno 2019

Workshop con Scott Wells

Quando: venerd, 28 giugno 2019 - 15:00 - domenica, 30 giugno 2019 - 18:00
Genere Evento: Seminario
Dove: Mcf BelfioreDanza
via Belfiore, 24

Workshop di Contact Improvisation, Tecniche di Volo e Acrobatica Fluida

SCOTT WELLS, San Francisco
Direttore Artistico e Regista della Compagnia di danza contemporanea "Scott Wells & Dancers"

+ 28-29-30 GIUGNO 2019 –Torino
Mcf BelfioreDanza, via Belfiore 24, Torino
Torino, Italia



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– Venerdi 28/6: 15-19:00
– Sabato 29/6: 10-18:00 (pausa 13-14:00)
– Sunday 30/6: 11-18:00 (pausa 14-15:00)

(=totale ore workshop :17h)

Durante questo Workshop verranno esplorate Tecniche di Volo, Acrobatica Fluida e Pure Contact. Partiamo da zero per riconnetterci con i nostri corpi: rintracceremo il centro di gravita' del volo lavorando sul lasciarsi andare, senza perdere il controllo.

La Contact Impro sara il nostro punto di partenza. In una fase successiva lavoreremo sull'integrare il Volo e l’acrobatica fluida tramite interazioni aeree che incrementino la Contact. Porteremo quindi il lavoro aereo dentro l'improvvisazione flying scores.

Alcune delle tecniche che insegner: tecniche di volo (sollevamenti, prese, volteggi, salti…) Acrobatica fluida (acrobatica in movimento), Pure Contact ( le fondamenta della Contact Improvisation: gravit, peso, peso dinamico, inerzia, contatto con l’altro, percezione sensoriale, capacit di relazione), elementi di BMC e Alexander Technique per approfondire la consapevolezza del movimento.

Per gli elementi di acrobatica e gli esercizi di livello avanzato ognuno lavorer al proprio livello costruendo al meglio una fiducia di gruppo per lavorare in sicurezza.



Per iscriversi e prenotare un posto inviare una mail a

Tariffa Intera: 190 euro fino ad esaurimento posti.

Al costo dello Stage bisogna aggiungere 6 euro di tessera associativa come copertura assicurativa per infortuni, da pagare il primo giorno di stage.


Starting with contact as our foundation, we’ll traject towards a space that supports freedom of flight and expression: expression that takes us into interaction and ensemble improvisation. That is: we start at zero to redefine what is contact—to ourselves, others, reality, gravity. We start at zero to connect with our bodies, our interest and spontaneity.

Some notions: We will decode momentum to ride moving support — riding momentum is about letting go without being out-of–control. We’ll track flying centers of gravity to find aerial interactions that increase the contact.
I like to inject some body systems material (BMC, Alexander Technique and bodywork). For example: Jumping ≠ Flying because jumping is a muscular action, whereas flying is in the bones and is affected greatly by emotions and attitude.

Some of the techniques that will be tought are: ‘flying patterns’ (lifts, how to spring, how to jump, how to fly), ‘fluid acrobatics’ (actobatics in movement), ‘pure contact’(contact improvisation basics). For the acrobatic and advanced patterns everyone will work at their own level and will learn best by building group safety and trust – everyone will do something new. We will learn some repertory and practice taking the aerial work into improv. I like feedback and will see what the group is up for.

We will practice flying, catching, landing, fluid acrobatics and deft maneuvers. We’ll be doing my favorite contact exercises and current curiosities--created or learned over the decades of investigation and indulgence. We use these to warm up, center and to re-enter the “beginner’s mind” of contact improvisation. We will practice integrating the flying and acrobatics into the contact flow. That is: aerial interactions that increase the contact. We will take the aerial work into improvisation FLYING SCORES.


In 1981 Scott Wells discovered the pleasure of contact improvisation shortly after becoming obsessed with the struggles of modern dance. He stuck with both, received an MFA in dance from the University of Illinois (1991) and currently directs a company in San Francisco. Scott Wells & Dancers is celebrating 25 years of making dances in San Francisco. Wells has created works for skateboarders, for boxers and choreographed West Side Story for Sonoma State University. In 2010 and 2005 Scott received the Izzie (San Francisco’s most prestigious dance award) for Outstanding Choreography and was selected by Dance Magazine as “one of the 25 To Watch”. In 2016 Wells choreographed Touchy Subjects with Keith Hennessy and in 2017 choreographed On the Occasion of our 25th Anniversary (and eviction) we ask, “Was that good for you?” with Kathleen Hermesdorf. Wells has been practicing Alexander Technique for twenty five years and BMC for fifteen.
Scott’s style of contact is athletic and emphasizes freedom of movement, flying, fluid acrobatics (easy to advanced), safety, precision, pleasure and technique. What students often like best in Scott's classes is the variance between meditative, playful, and very physical dancing. And students appreciate how the scary or advanced moves are safe, relaxed and made possible.

“Scott Wells...has a dizzying abundance of pure dance-making talent“ Rachel Howard, SF Examiner

"Wells has become over the last fifteen years the Paul Taylor of Contact Improv — that is, the first to make dances in this idiom that are deeply musical, somehow "normal," imaginative, witty, often hilarious, sometimes fierce.” Paul Parrish, Danceviewtimes

"Come for the Thrills, Stay for the Artistry." Allan Ulrich, Voice of Dance

"Sproing! Once you adjust to the notion that very fit people are supposed to be bouncing off walls and flying in your face, you can relax and let them (Wells and dancers) do their thing, which is an electrifying style of contact improvisation" SF Weekly

+ 28-29-30 GIUGNO 2019 –Torino
Mcf BelfioreDanza, via Belfiore 24, Torino
Torino, Italia


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